We’ve built our reputation on managing change in health system medical practices.

How did Halley Consulting Group get started?

Halley Consulting Group is a physician practice management and consulting firm specializing in the strategic development and performance turnaround of both hospital-owned medical practice networks and large independent medical offices. The firm was originally organized in 1995 as Ambulatory Management Services, Inc. (AMS), a subsidiary of Holy Cross Health System Corporation, to meet the needs of its member hospitals nationally. Following the merger of Holy Cross and Mercy Health Services in 2000, AMS became a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of Trinity Health, Novi, Michigan. In 2005, AMS became The Halley Consulting Group, LLC, a privately held company. In 2013, Halley Consulting Group became an employee-owned corporation (ESOP).  The firm is headquartered in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

What type of client does Halley Consulting work with?

We work with clients nationwide, serving physician groups with as few as 10 providers and health systems with over 1,000 providers of varying specialties. Our most common clients are health systems and individual hospitals that own medical practice networks, but we have experience working with private practice physicians as well. Hospital-owned networks employing several hundred providers use the Halley Consulting financial and statistical model as the basis for their management decisions and performance improvement efforts.

Does Halley Consulting Group have published materials I can refer to?

Marc Halley, the firm’s former President and Chief Executive Officer, literally “wrote the book” on hospital ownership of medical practices as a competitive strategy. The Primary-Care Market Share Connection: How Hospitals Achieve Competitive Advantage was published by Health Administration Press, the publishing arm of The American College of Healthcare Executives, in March 2007. In addition, Marc Halley, Will Reiser, and Brian Morton contributed several chapters to a three-volume set of books titled The Business of Healthcare (Praeger, December 2007).

The Halley Consulting team wrote and published The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide (Marc Halley and Michael Ferry, editors), released in August 2008 by Greenbranch Publishing. This manual is based on years of experience helping new physicians start medical practices, helping established physicians add a partner, consolidating existing practices into larger groups, and acquiring medical practices on behalf of their hospital clients.

Finally, in January, 2011, the American Hospital Association Press released Marc Halley’s book, Owning Medical Practices: Best Practices for Sustainable Results. The book addresses common mistakes hospitals make as they employ physicians. It offers best-practice solutions to challenges that frequently hinder the operational performance of hospital-owned medical practices.

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What type of experience can I expect when I work with Halley Consulting?

For consulting clients, our deliverables define our company as the leading national expert in hospital-owned medical practice network management. Our processes are always collaborative in nature, and our goal is to unite hospital executives and employed/affiliated physicians around shared operational objectives, policies, and processes. We always take each client’s unique operational situation into account. Because of this, our final deliverables are not cookie-cutter PowerPoint presentations but real playbooks that have solid strategic, operational, and financial impact.

What sets Halley Consulting apart from other healthcare consulting firms?

At Halley Consulting, we’ve built our reputation on managing change in hospital and medical practice organizations—a challenge that many firms avoid because of the associated political and financial risks. As a result, Halley team members think like managers rather than traditional consultants. Our executives are trained and experienced implementers who have worked as leaders on the hospital side as well as in hospital-owned physician practices. Most of our executives have been in the business of practice start-up and management for 10 years or more.

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