Why Halley?

Your health system is unique.

Your market is unique.

So we know you don’t want cookie-cutter recommendations for performance improvement.

  • You want healthcare consulting executives who evaluate your hospital-owned physician practices with precision, paying close attention to your organization’s objectives and to the particular nuances of your market area.

  • You want financial and operational experts who roll up their sleeves and get to work pinpointing specific and measurable ways to improve performance.

  • You want seasoned healthcare consulting professionals who quickly attune to your team’s culture and discern the challenges and opportunities that exist there.

  • You need recommendations, yes, but you also need a customized playbook—an action plan with detailed, prioritized steps that can take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get from the Halley Consulting team.

Ready for real solutions that will help you reduce losses, improve physician productivity, and unite physicians and hospital executives around shared objectives?