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Owning Medical Practices: Best Practices for Sustainable Results

Halley, M.D. 2011. Chicago, IL: American Hospital Association Press

A practical book that will guide hospital executives whose organizations own medical practices and employ primary care and specialty physicians, plus those in organizations looking to expand their business. Owning Medical Practices will enable executives to understand and confidently implement “best practices” for successful ownership and management of medical practices, as well as successful integration of those practices in support of hospital strategies. The insights gained will facilitate the development of sustainable integrated competitive strategies, sustainable practice operations, and financial viability.

The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide

Halley, M.D. and Ferry, M.J., editors. 2008. Phoenix, MD: Greenbranch Publishing

You’ve spent years preparing to provide high-quality clinical care. You’ve dreamed of starting your own practice. But is that the right decision? And if so, what’s the right way to get it going? Invest a few hours reading The Medical Practice Start-Up Guide to find answers. Drawing on best practices developed by the experienced medical practice administrators and hands-on managers of The Halley Consulting Group, this invaluable guide will help you make the smartest start-up and management decisions for your medical practice—whether independent or part of a hospital-owned network.

The Business of Healthcare

Cohn, K. H. and Hough, D. E., editors. 2007. Three volumes. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers/Greenwood Publishing Group

Volume 1: Practice Management
Volume 2: Leading Healthcare Organizations
Volume 3: Improving Systems of Care

Editors Cohn and Hough pull together an impressive set of healthcare experts to define the leading issues in the healthcare industry—and to prescribe ways to fix the myriad problems inherent in the system.

The Primary Care–Market Share Connection: How Hospitals Achieve Competitive Advantage

Halley, M.D. 2007. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press

As hospitals continue to grow their owned medical practice networks, they struggle with ways to integrate various specialties with primary care providers, both employed and independent. This book shares the “secrets” of forming and sustaining these alliances so that hospitals and health systems can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.