Healthcare Consultants

Luanne Yeley

Consulting Executive

Luanne Yeley, BA serves as a consulting executive for The Halley Consulting Group. Luanne has worked in the healthcare industry for several decades and applies her extensive real-world experience by partnering with physician medical groups in successful revenue cycle integration and performance improvement.  Luanne is committed to work with her clients to optimize and increase the value of every technology, process, and employee. Luanne takes pride in her knowledge transfer expertise and completes a project by leaving our clients poised to succeed, using their internal leadership and resources. She enjoys coaching opportunities and firmly believes that “People are the key to a successful, seamless and positive revenue cycle process. The greatest software and most well thought-out process is useless without effective, well-trained personnel running the show. The strength of your team depends on the effort and investment you place in training, development and accountability.”

As a Halley Consulting executive, Luanne has worked with a full range of clients in interim management, consulting and project leadership roles. Her interim experience includes executive administration in both revenue cycle and operations management. As an executive consultant, Luanne partners with clients to operationalize strategy and improve performance within both the practice workflow and the centralized billing and processing office of the medical group.  Her expertise in revenue cycle assessment has led her to work with clients as a mentor and coach developing efficient and effective task/role distribution and best practice workflows. Luanne is a successful change agent and her operational leadership of large, multi-specialty practices has been successful in accomplishing a better patient experience, while driving the entire practice team to the next level of performance.

Luanne received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Healthcare Administration from Ashford University and an Associate Degree in Radiology from Morehead State University.  She is currently completing her graduate school studies to obtain her Masters degree in Organizational Leadership.

Luanne is a resident of Ashland, Kentucky.